Travel News – March 23rd 2013 to April 6th 2013

Travel news – March 23rd 2013 to April 6th 2013:

  • Ask Rick; A Heart for Street Art; Urban Explorers – This week on the Travel with Rick Steves Podcast:
    Moses Gates is an urban explorer who tells us why his favorite part of Paris is underground, and how he gets to enjoy his favorite view of the Manhattan skyline from the top of the Brooklyn Bridge. Street artist, Nicolina, brings color and panache to people around the world. Also, soon-to-be travelers ask Rick for advice on upcoming trips to Europe.

  • The Airlines with the Most In-Flight Wi-Fi Planes – Lifehacker's Kevin Purdy just posted this article:

    A few years back, in-flight Wi-Fi was something maybe available to the President of the United States. Now it's on every airline, but not quite every plane. Which airlines are most likely to give you the option? More »

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  • How Can I Make Traveling with Kids Less of a Nightmare? – Lifehacker's Melanie Pinola just posted this article:

    Dear Lifehacker, More »

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  • Doodad Offers International Prepaid SIM Cards for Affordable Data in 54 Countries – Lifehacker's Alan Henry just posted this article:

    Doodad is a new service that lets you use your smartphone wherever you travel without fear of an expensive bill full of roaming charges waitying for you when you get back home. Just order one of their prepaid SIM cards for your device, load it up with as much data as you think you'll need, and head to the airport. More »

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  • Jeff Greenwald’s Nepal; Visiting St Peter’s Basilica – This week on the Travel with Rick Steves Podcast:
    Travel writer Jeff Greenwald makes a point to return to Nepal every year and describes how long-held customs are challenged by modern pressures and political turmoil.  He also points out what’s timeless about the Himalayan culture that draws him back year after year. Also, we take a close-up look at Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome to understand what went into making it the most impressive church in the world with tips for making it a high point of your life's travels.

  • Everything You Need to Prepare for a Long Road Trip – Lifehacker's Yaara Lancet just posted this article:

    I love road trips. Just saying or writing the words sends shivers of excitement down my spine. If you think I'm crazy, it's probably because you grew up in a country where road trips are taken for granted, and the number of places you can drive to and go to are endless. To me, road trips are fun and exciting no matter why I have to take them. Regardless of how you feel about them, it's always good to prepare before you embark on one. More »

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  • European Rail; American Comfort Food; Open Phones: More Travel Reports – This week on the Travel with Rick Steves Podcast:
    An expert who advises American travelers on how to best use the passenger rail lines in Europe, offers tips for when rail passes are a bargain, and how they work. Also, Jane and Michael Stern discuss trends in hometown "comfort food" restaurants in America, including a few eateries where the local atmosphere made their day. And listeners check in with travel reports on what made their trips extra-special when they visited France, Spain, Poland, and Italy.


    From taking the night train, to breakfast in America, our adventures take us near and far.


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