Travel News for October 28th 2010 through October 29th 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for October 28th 2010 through October 29th 2010:

  • Will trains replace planes in the next century? – A. Christine Maxfield recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:
    Train travel

    (Christine Maxfield)
  • How to Avoid Getting Screwed When Flying [Air Travel] – Lifehacker's Taylor Kenny just posted this article:

    Long gone are the days of simple air travel. Now it's a challenge just to get to your destination as planned. When things go wrong it can be a complete nightmare. Here are some tips to avoid getting screwed when flying. More »

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  • Where famous people RIP – HeidiS recently posted this over on the Bing Travel Blog:

    Marilyn Monroe, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson and so many more famous people always seem to capture our attention – in life and in death. We just can’t seem to get enough of them, and now even their final resting places have become places we want to visit and pay respects. Sometimes the search for their graves leads travelers to a famous cemetery, like the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in California where Michael Jackson is buried, or the Cimetière du Père Lachaise  in Paris where fans come to honor Jim Morrison. Other times the graves are secluded, solitary spots: Charles Lindbergh’s headstone lies under a shady tree overlooking the Pacific Ocean near Hana, Maui. For a decidedly creepier experience, there’s always the burial spot of the legendary Dracula, whose body reportedly lies in a tomb on an island monastery in Romania.

  • Southwest undercuts competition with $5 in-flight Internet – Brad Tuttle recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    (Courtesy BFS Man/Flickr)
  • Paying Up Front for Rental Car Nicks and Scratches – posted this over on Frommer's : Some car-rental companies will automatically pocket your deposit or charge your credit card if a rental is damaged, scratched, or dinged. Is this business practice fair or foul?

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