Travel News for December 7th 2010 through December 8th 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for December 7th 2010 through December 8th 2010:

  • Sparkling holiday lights around the world – HeidiS recently posted this over on the Bing Travel Blog:

    Spectacular light displays are a hallmark of the holiday season in many locations around the globe. Cities from Paris to Portland have unpacked thousands of feet of lights (in many cases energy-saving LEDs), plugged in miles of extension cords, and flipped the switch on trees decked out in sparkling ornaments. The festivities are creative (Sydney, Australia, has a tree made out of old bicycles) and unique – like the illuminated oil derricks in Texas. Some city’s light displays are so over the top (like in Medellin, Columbia) that you wonder if astronauts can see all those lights from the Space Station.

    Regardless, it’s a festive time of year, so Bing Travel is celebrating the joy of lights with a new slideshow, Sparkling Holiday Lights Around the World, that features some of our favorites. You’ll see traditional and unusual, and all just plain fun. Happy Holidays from everyone at Bing Travel!

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  • Readers’ best Japan photos – JD Rinne recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:
    The Golden Pavilion in Kyoto

    Click the image to launch the slide show. (Courtesy dni/myBudgetTravel)
  • Google Calendar’s Event Time Zones Avoid Cross-Country Time Confusion [Time Zones] – Lifehacker's Kevin Purdy just posted this article:

    You're in Buffalo, but most of your fellow editors live in California. Rather than schedule an important feature-planning meeting during your lunch, you can use Google Calendar's new time zone support to ensure everybody knows the real start time. More »

    Read the rest at Lifehacker

  • Travel Troubleshooter: A One-Year Wait For an Airfare Refund – posted this over on Frommer's : Is there anything that a traveler can do to expedite an airfare refund that has dragged on for more than a year?

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  • London: 5 best December values – Sean O'Neill recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:
    fortnum and mason christmas windows

    London's department stores, such as Fortnum & Mason, have decorated their windows with imaginative displays. (Sean O'Neill)

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