Travel News for December 16th 2010 through December 17th 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for December 16th 2010 through December 17th 2010:

  • Hotel deals: Book in advance and save up to 50 percent – Brad Tuttle recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    Many hotels offer discounts of 10 or 15 percent for guests reserving two or more weeks in advance. Here are some deals that do way better than that.

  • Unusual underground attractions – HeidiS recently posted this over on the Bing Travel Blog:

    Where I live in Seattle, there’s a popular tour you can take that’s perfect for a rainy day: the Underground Tour. I lived here for 12 years before I finally bought a ticket and headed underground. I learned a lot about my adopted city during that subterranean experience: the fire of 1889, how the Pioneer Square of today sits a story above the original streets, and more.

    Sometimes, going underground as a traveler offers a new perspective on a place, even one you think you know. To that end, travel expert Pauline Frommer has dug up 15 surprising places around the world that give you a unique experience below the surface. In Bing Travel’s new slide show Unusual Underground Attractions, she’s included some favorites (like the Seattle tour) as well as some surprises, such as a secret room below a luxury resort.

    Been to any of these? Share your thoughts, or add another you think we missed, by leaving a comment below.

  • Avoid the Holiday Airport Parking CrunchSmarter Travel has posted some info about forethought: If you're heading out of town during the holidays, you can expect packed airports—and packed airport parking lots. Avoid "parking lot full" signs with some forethought.

    Head over to to read the whole article.

  • Passengers Say They Miss Luggage-Inclusive Airfares the Most – posted this over on Frommer's : Air travelers say they despise baggage fees the most, but it turns out that they also miss perks like airline food and pillows, which now cost extra.

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  • Travel Milestones: The 2010 Year in Review – posted this over on Frommer's : From the volcanic ash cloud to the outrage over TSA's full-body scanners, here's a recap of some of the year's best and worst travel moments.

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