Travel News – December 5th 2012 to December 11th 2012

Travel news – December 5th 2012 to December 11th 2012:

  • Frommer’s 5 Deals for December 12, 2012 – posted this over on Frommer's : Click through for the deets on deals to Atlantic City, Providence RI, St. Kitts, Tulum, India, and Nepal.
  • Travel Troubleshooter: Are Hidden Hotel Fees About to Check Out? – posted this over on Frommer's : In a surprise move, the Federal Trade Commission recently warned 22 hotel operators that their online reservation sites may violate the law by displaying a "deceptively low" estimate of what consumers can expect to pay.
  • The Best Eats in Emilia Romagna – posted this over on Frommer's : The birthplace of tortellini, balsamic vinegar, and Parmigiano Reggiano has long been a culinary star. There are museums dedicated to cuisine, and with a little planning, you can see cheese, salumi, and pasta all being made as they've been for generations — and eat them, too.
  • Winter Road Food; The Amazing Race; Open Phones: Holiday Travels – This week on the Travel with Rick Steves Podcast:
    To keep you well-fed while traveling around the holidays, American Road Food experts Jane and Michael Stern recommend over-the-top dining venues for sharing a family meal. Also, Rick checks in with Phil Keoghan, the host of TV's "The Amazing Race," as it wraps up another season, racing around the world, and we'll hear how people enjoy Christmas away from home on vacation in Switzerland, Venice, Bavaria, and in Prague.

  • That’s Ridiculous! Cruise Lines and the Passengers They Carry – posted this over on Frommer's : The cruise industry is the proverbial ship of fools, whether you're buying or selling.
  • See the Seven Seas: Frommer’s Cruise Deals Round-Up – posted this over on Frommer's : Take advantage of transatlantic cruise deals, pre- and post-cruise hotel stays, prepaid gratuities, complimentary bottles of wine, and other incentives to sail around the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, and other scenic destinations.
  • 5 Things You Don’t Know About Italy – posted this over on Frommer's : The crumbling majesty of its ancient ruins, the beauty of its landscapes, and the sheer mass of art and architectural treasures remain unmatched anywhere in the world. And major investments in the rail network have made visiting as comfortable now as it has ever been.

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