Travel News – August 24th 2012 to August 27th 2012

Travel news – August 24th 2012 to August 27th 2012:

  • That’s Ridiculous! A $500 Fee for Being American – posted this over on Frommer’s : Hotels appear to be finding new ways to implement extra fees. But should hotels be allowed to charge a different rate based on a guest’s nationality?
  • What Makes a Good Airline Snack? – Laura Michonski recently posted this on This Just In…Newsweek’s Travel Blog:Unless you’re traveling internationally, most airlines will charge you for food—and the options won’t necessarily be all that appealing. Not that long ago I was flying from New York to San Diego and was shocked to discover that no meal was offered on such a long flight. To make matters worse, the flight attendants had run out of snacks by the time they made their way to me (I was at the very back of the plane).

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