Travel News and Notes for February 3rd 2012 through February 4th 2012

Bringing you what’s new in travel for February 3rd 2012 through February 4th 2012:

  • Around the world for airline passenger experience study
  • Six Nights in London, from $1,089 With Air – posted this over on Frommer’s : The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Summer Olympics are still months away, but London is already the place to visit. This six-night package from Virgin Vacations saves you about $150 per person.
  • Topic of the Week: Southwest’s Bigger Airplanes Start Flying Soon – >> The Cranky Flier
  • BlueTales » JetBlue » JetBlue Touches Down With Sunday Funday!
    – JetBlue
    Image courtesy of nightthree on Flickr
    We’re giving flying football fans a complete pass on Sunday when we kick off a tailgate party at our New York Terminal 5 (T5) at JFK during game time. Get the home field advantage, with a chance to watch the game while snacking on free finger food and one complimentary beer post-security at the our spacious Marketplace.
    To celebrate, if you’re flying on game day you can enjoy in-flight $1 drink specials for the first wine, beer or cocktail starting at 6:30…  show all text
  • Where in the world are you? – HeidiS recently posted this over on the Bing Travel Blog:One of the best things about our job here at Bing Travel is the opportunity to look at a lot of beautiful photos of places around the world. Sometimes we look at an image and instantly recognize the scene. Other times, we have to do a little digging to find out what we’re looking at. Just for fun, we decided to let you, our readers, have a try at some “mystery” photos.

    In honor of Valentine’s Day, our newest slide show, Where in the World Are You?, pictures 10 of the world’s most romantic destinations in close-up. Can you guess where the photos were taken? There are clues in the text to help you, and if you want the answer, just click to the next slide. Good luck, and tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

  • Plenty Of Hotels Just Opened Up for London 2012 – Michelle Baran recently posted this on This Just In…Newsweek’s Travel Blog:

    Olympic Park, London (Courtesy Getty Images/LOCOG)
  • Cool glaciers to see before they melt – HeidiS recently posted this over on the Bing Travel Blog:Writer Eric Lucas, author of the new Bing Travel slide show Cool Glaciers, reminisces about a recent experience up close with a glacier.

    We were standing on a glacier — a river of ice — and water was running everywhere. At our feet, into the crevasse 6 feet away, along a crease in the ice. Water standing everywhere, too — tiny puddles, small ponds, on-ice tarns, even larger mini-lakes whose color was gemlike. “See that one over there?” Our guide pointed to the foot of the Mendenhall Glacier at a turquoise tarn. “I swam in that one Tuesday.” Yes, glacier guides are nuts.

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