Today in Travel News for March 8th 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for March 8th 2010

  • Best Cruises to Get (or Stay) FitSmarter Travel has posted some info about yoga classes: Five pieces of chicken, three servings of rice, and two peach cobblers later, you might want a state-of-the-art gym on hand. Thanks to these cruises, you have the option of doing more than just laying in the sun, with gyms, yoga classes, rock walls, and more.

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  • London: Street art beyond Banksy – Alex Robinson recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    The world's most famous graffiti artist since Basquiat, Banksy, launched his first feature film this past weekend. "Exit Through the Gift Shop" is premiering at cinemas throughout London and the U.K. before launching overseas.
    The artist made his name on the streets of London and his graffiti remain daubed on walls from Camden to Croydon. But there's far more to London street art than Banksy. Many of London's graffiti crew see the Bristol-born, middle-class artist as an imposter. Along the Regent's Canal in the north London borough of Camden his work has been defaced by another cult graffiti artist Robbo, angry at Banksy artist painting on what he has long regarded as his patch.��

    Banksy street art London
    [+] Enlarge photo

    Banky's artwork (Courtesy Alex Robinson)

    London's street art—arising out of an illegal and often destructive hobby—is some of the most creative and vibrant in the world. And whilst some borough councils (a.k.a. local government officials) paint over graffiti almost as soon as it appears, others leave the quality daubs, or even positively encourage their creation. Hotspots include Camden, Hoxton, and Whitechapel.
    Look out for Banksy's little boy fishing on Regent's Canal in Camden (22 yards east of Camden market, subway Camden Town), and his painter apparently inscribing the name of a rival artist, Robbo, 300 yards east of the market.

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