Today in Travel News for June 5th 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for June 5th 2010

  • Are You A Laviator? Do You Laviate? Have You Laviated? – Flying With Fish
    Some time in early 2009 the world was introduced to a new term by flight attendant and blogger Heather Poole … the new term was a reference to people who shoot self-portraits of themselves in airplane lavatories. The new term was “Laviator.”
    Since the inception of the introduction of the term Laviator I have resisted the trend of shooting portraits in an airplane lavatory. My primary resistance to being a Lavaiator … or Laviating or having Laviated was that I really d..   show all text
    Heather_Poole: Yes, yes, yes! RT Are you a #Laviator? Do U Laviate? Have U Laviated? #airline #travel #lp @flyingwithfish 
  • Video: Iceland makes the best tourism ad of the year – Sean O'Neill recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    Visit Iceland. The volcano has been turned off. This fun fun fun video will show you why you should go now:

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