Today in Travel News for June 21st 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for June 21st 2010

  • London decoder: Rugby – Alex Robinson recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    London is abuzz about soccer right now because of the World Cup, but the city's other favorite sport is rugby, most recently given the big screen treatment in the Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman movie Invictus.

  • Where the New DOT Proposals Fall ShortSmarter Travel has posted some info about ed perkins: The DOT's new consumer protections proposals are good, but certainly not perfect. Ed Perkins explores the DOT's ideas and explains what could be better, and how.

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  • FourWhere Adds Yelp and Gowalla to Mapped-Out Reviews [Updates] – Lifehacker's Kevin Purdy just posted this article:

    FourWhere, the neat FourSquare/Google Maps mashup that lets everyone benefit from FourSquare's over-sharing users, has added reviews and recommendations from reviews site Yelp and location-based network Gowalla. The Yelp reviews alone make it a great tool for pointing at a spot and finding out what people are liking or loathing nearby, but the combination of all the networks makes it a great tool for plotting out spots to hit in your next visit to a well-traveled destination (like, say, South-by-Southwest). [FourWhere]
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