Today in Travel News for February 16th 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for February 16th 2010

  • Take a Modified Local Vacation and Still Get Away While Saving Cash – Lifehacker's Jason Fitzpatrick just posted this article:

    The present economic troubles have made "staycationing"—vacationing from your house in your home town—a popular option for the cash strapped. Get the money-saving benefits of a local vacation even when your hometown has gotten boring with a simple modification. …

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  • TripTracker: Whip up a no-fuss, insta-itinerary – Sean O'Neill recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    Today the newly launched website TripTracker called itself to our attention for finding a way to save us from the sin of sloth. The site manages your itineraries similar to TripIt, which we've blogged about before. But it fully automates the process so you don't even have to email or upload info. You punch in your frequent flier and rewards program info once (United, AA, Starwood, Hilton, Hertz, Avis, etc.) and then every time there is an update to those accounts (such as when you make a reservation for a flight or a hotel), the data appears in the application.

  • San Francisco: Decoding the "healthy surcharge" – Justine Sharrock recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    If you've been to my fair city recently, you might have noticed that some restaurants have an extra line on the end of the check that reads "Healthy San Francisco Surcharge." This fee allows restaurateurs to help pay for the city's health care program. The small charges vary: Some are a percentage of the total (usually around 4 percent), others tack on a dollar or two.

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