Today in Travel News for December 15th 2010

Bringing you what’s new in travel for December 15th 2010

  • Should You Get a Pre-loaded Chip Card for Europe?Smarter Travel has posted some info about ed perkins: Expert Ed Perkins weighs the pros and cons of Travelex's new chip-and-pin debit card. Find out if it's right for you.

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  • Top destinations for 2011 – HeidiS recently posted this over on the Bing Travel Blog:

    Ah, the turn of the calendar gets the mind turning as well! A new year — and the world — lies before you. It’s never too early to start dreaming and planning your next escape: spring break, romantic getaways, ski trips, road trips, exotic isles, international cities … so many destinations to consider and so little time!

    If you’re like us, you have a precious two weeks to work with in 2011, so we’re passing along some intriguing ideas of places to visit in the coming year. In the new Bing Travel slideshow, Top Destinations of 2011, you’ll find 18 of our favorite must-see spots around the world. The upcoming royal wedding and Olympics put London on the list, naturally, but you’ll also find great reasons to visit South Africa, Stockholm — even Tasmania.

    Enjoy planning your next adventure! If you have other hot spots you think need to be on this list, let us know by adding a comment below. And be sure to check out Bing Travel on Facebook!

  • Southwest Airlines’ Gary Kelly Addresses the Wings Club in New York City | Nuts About Southwest
  • How to ship your bag, from $70 each way – Sean O'Neill recently posted this on This Just In… Newsweek's Travel Blog:

    It still costs a premium to ship your luggage ahead, instead of checking it at the airport. But as airlines continue to hike their baggage fees, bag-shipping services look ever more appealing because they're so much more convenient.

  • Search Result | Lonely Planet

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