These are my links for July 18th 2009 through August 25th 2009:

  • Mount Vesuvius Erupting in 1944 – It was 1944 and the Second World War was raging. In Italy, American airmen were stationed at Pompeii Airfield when the debris started falling, but this was no ordinary wartime air raid. The cinder and rock dropping from the sky were being sent forth by the volcano dominating the horizon: Mount Vesuvius.
  • The White Horse Inn and Restaurant, Hampshire – Stopped here for lunch and a beer on the way to Stonehenge.

The SONY GPS-CS1 is a new device from Sony that will track your photographs via GPS and then let you create maps with your photos already loaded on them.


Clip the small GPS to your self or camera strap and the SONY GPS-CS1monitors and records your location and stores it. When you get back to your computer, assuming you have the correct time in your camera, you can use the included software to match up times in GPS and the photographs EXIF data.

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Travel Gear blog has a nice review of the Vivitar Vivicam 6200W underwater digital camera. I am a little concerned with its highest ISO being 200.

Still, it isn’t that expensive as specialty digitals go. Might also be a fun way to enjoy the beach or pool with out worrying about the elements getting to your expensive digital.

You can pick it up from Amazon. Vivitar 6.0MP All Weather/Underwater Digital Camera – 6200W

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