Bringing you what’s new in travel for January 19th 2010

  • From Twitter – RT @DisneyD23 Disney’s Hawaiian resort & Vacation Club now has a name Aulani. Check out their new Web site!
  • From Twitter – RT @SkyNewsBreak Ryanair says 48 Irish flights are cancelled tomorrow due to strike action.

I found this article over on Road Warrior: Few people have had as big an impact on America’s entertainment industry as did Walt Disney. Whether you remember the original Mickey Mouse Club or his amazing animated movies like Bambi and Fantasia, Walt Disney was a true giant. With…

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Robert Haru Fisher posted this over on Frommer’s : It’s no insult to say that Vancouver’s city planners beat Disney to the punch, way back in 1908, by creating a terribly attractive town center where there had been only a dismal swamp.

Travel related things that I found interesting for August 24th 2008

  • Disney World and Disneyland Discounts for the rest of 2008 – United Vacations, the airfare-and-hotel wing of United Airlines, has put together a $100 discount of sorts for most Disney World or Disneyland vacation packages for the remainder of 2008. Use the promo code "GIFT" at checkout and travel by December 31.
  • American Airlines began offering in-flight Wi-Fi – According to Reuters, on Wednesday, American Airlines started offering the option to buy in-flight Wi-Fi to passengers on some of their flights. The service costs about $13 for the flight, but doesn’t let you do VoIP, most likely just to keep the bandwidth use in check.